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Cooking with Herbs

  Cooking with herbs can be daunting when you don’t know much about herbs, their flavor profiles, or how to cook with them, but we are here to tell you that you do know more than you think! We often cook with dried jarred herbs, so now that Spring and Summer are arriving, throw those […]

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Signs a Plant May Need to be Repotted

Happy Green Thumb Friday!   A lovely customer recently suggested we dedicate a Green Thumb Friday post on how to figure out when it is the proper time to repot a plant. After some thinking, we thought this topic may be on others’ minds as well! Somewhat like when that one kid in class asks […]

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Valentines Day Teatime at Briggs

What Hello! We are absolutely delighted to be hosting a Valentines Day Teatime (Briggs edition) here at the nursery. We want to take this space to go into detail of what this day will look like for those who want to join us.   Who Anyone that wants to enjoy a sweet Valentines Day at […]

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