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You’ve all been asking What’s In Our Garden, so we thought we’d shared a little of what we have growing here at the nursery. All of what is shown is currently in stock, or will be arriving soon.


Verbena – bonariensis

– Full sun

– Naturalized seeds readily

– Depending on where you live, this plant can be a tender perennial



Gaura Whirling Butterflies

– Full sun

– Blooms all Summer



Calamintha nepeta

– Full sun to partial shade



Chicago Apache Day Lily

– For a Day Lily, the Chicago Apache is a late season bloomer

– Full sun



Perennial Hardy Hibiscus

– Full sun

– Large growing perennial

– Late emerging



Dappled Willow (Japanese Willow)

– Full sun




– Full sun



Agastache Blue Fortune

– Great for butterflies and bees

– A plant that is insect and animal resistant

– Full sun



Rocket City Day Lily

– Full sun



Joe Pye Weed

– Good wet zone plant

– Taller growing plant

– Full sun to a little bit of shade



Tempelhof False Cypress

– Full sun or part sun

– Evergreen

– Slow growing shrub

– Unique texture



Gemo St John’s Wort

– Native plant

– Full sun



Be sure to give us a call at 508-699-7421 before you come as inventory is constantly changing. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook to check out our What’s In Our Garden video!


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