Bulk Goods and Delivery

Mulch is great for providing a tidy, uniform look to your landscaping.

Types Of Mulch

mulch variations

Applying mulch around trees, shrubs and other plants in your yard keeps the soil cool and moist and helps plants grow. Mulches also help control weeds by denying light to their seeds. They reduce the speed of water evaporation, while simultaneously insulating plants from drastic temperature changes.

Mulch comes in a variety of forms, textures and colors from stone (rocks or pebbles) to wood chips and barks. Wood mulches tend to be better for water retention and weed control than stone. Briggs carries a large selection of wood mulches, including hemlock, brown, black and red as well as a multitude of stone mulches.

How Much Mulch You Need

bulk coverage chart

We sell mulch in bags of 2 cubic feet, and in bulk by the cubic yard. For yard coverage, 1 bag = 2 cu. ft. and can distribute amongst: 2″ depth – 12 sq. ft. and 3″ depth – 8 sq ft. For bulk coverage, 13.5 bags = 1 cubic yard. Our loam is screened to 1/2″ and our compost is screened to 1/4″.

Tips For Applying Mulch
Mulches can be applied 1-4 inches deep, but 2 inches minimum is recommended throughout the garden. Apply mulch evenly while leveling it with a rake (or your hands) without packing it down. It’s highly recommended not to cover the trunk or stems of a plant, which can restrict overall growth and can cause death. After application, water thoroughly.


We deliver bulk products (i.e. mulch, stone, loam, wood etc.) to local areas ONLY which includes Attleboro, North Attleboro, Foxboro, Mansfield, and Plainville. A $40.00 delivery fee and a 2 yard minimum (excluding firewood and wood pellets) is required for all bulk product deliveries. Please call Briggs at 508-699-7421 to confirm amount.

Please note: A solid and clear surface is recommended for bulk deliveries. Paved surfaces are ideal for our large trucks. We cannot drive over lawns because damage will occur.

Sod Supplies

We supply a Bluegrass mix sod by the roll and by the pallet. One strip of sod covers a 10 sq ft. area and measures 5′ x 2′ while one pallet = 50 rolls of sod for 500 sq ft. of coverage. For pallets of sod, we do offer bulk deliveries. You can call to reserve and set up a delivery. For more information, head over to our Garden Knowledge blog which explains how to install sod and the required maintenance.

For further questions, please contact us at 508-699-7421.