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Briggs’ Favorite Garden Fresh Recipes

With the end of Summer in sight and the last few harvests from our fresh herb and veggie gardens, we thought we would share some of our favorite garden fresh recipes with you all!

Matt, our Merchandise Manager & Graphic Designer, loves to indulge in  zucchini noodles with pesto along with a gin and tonic with cucumber. Recipe here.

Sarah, our Perennial Manager, loves her homemade pesto. Who wouldn’t? Recipe here.

PJ, our Landscape Designer, loves to spark up the grill for some grilled zucchini drizzled with olive oil and salt & pepper. Recipe here.

Teresa, our Office Manager, might just have the best recipe yet. Her favorite garden fresh recipe is zucchini pancakes. Doesn’t that just sound divine? Recipe here.

Steve, our Owner/General Manager, loves to indulge in a cucumber & tomato salad with mozzarella, olives, capers, purple onion topped with a balsamic glaze. Oh, we can’t forget his other favorite, gin and tonic with rosemary.

Sam, our Café Manager, uses her fresh garden veggies to make the iconic zucchini bread. You can never go wrong with zucchini bread. Recipe here. 

Talia, our Social Media Marketer, just tried her hand with some jalapeño cornbread. It has officially become her favorite garden fresh recipe. Recipe here.

Jake, our Store Manager, loves to make and indulge in a fresh veggie medley. You get a little bit of everything from the garden with a dish like this! Recipe here.

Nicole, our Front End Manager, bakes a divine rhubarb dump cake. If you haven’t tried one before, here is your sign to make one with your fresh rhubarb from the garden. Recipe here.

Andrew, our Greenhouse Specialist, throws together an Indian cucumber salad with his fresh garden veggies. This is another recipe where you get to use a little bit of everything from the garden. Recipe here.

Lee, our Grower, orders out. He said he doesn’t grow or eat veggies. We’d say he does enough growing here that he has no interest at home. We can all relate to this. Thank goodness we have our own fresh garden veggies here at Briggs for Lee to snack on every once and awhile.

Dayna, our Lawn & Garden Specialist, loves a good ole tomato sandwich. Ingredients (just as you’d suspect) are tomato, mayo, salt, pepper, and bread. Simple, but a staple.


We hope you indulge in some of our favorite garden fresh recipes and be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook with your own recipes so we can share those as well!