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Briggs’ Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Briggs’ Holiday Gift Guide!

We have put together a list of some of our favorite items here at the nursery that we believe would make beautiful gifts this holiday season. All of these items are currently at the nursery and ready to be gifted to your friends and families.

Knit Wear

From gloves to hats, there is something to keep you warm here at the nursery. With many patterns, colors, and designs, we know there is something for everyone. Here are a couple of our favorites:



What better present than a candle? Not only will the person love their new candle but they’ll be reminded of you whenever they light it! Make this years Christmas gift everlasting (or almost). Most of our candle inventory is all from local vendors too! Here are a couple of our favorites:


Similar to the candles, most of our lotion and soap inventory are from local vendors. What’s better than brilliantly smelling lotion and soap? Knowing that you are supporting local businesses!

Plush Kids Toys

We couldn’t forget about the kiddos! With our new inventory of kids plush toys, there really is something for EVERYONE here at the nursery. So many sweet plush designs, we know you’ll love them all. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Modern Watering Cans/Garden Supplies

Gardening doesn’t always have to involve dirt under your finger nails and plain green water cans. Sometimes we like to make it cute! These sweet watering cans can be so helpful for your fellow house plant lovers. We have so many more styles and colors in stock but below are a couple of our favorites.

Locally Made Birdhouses

Out with the plastic and glass birdhouses and in with the beautiful copper/metal and wooden birdhouses. One of the most elegantly designed line of birdhouses and the craftsman is local to the area. Another opportunity for you to shop small and local this holiday season!

Grow Kits

Maybe you have that one friend/family member that just doesn’t have a green thumb but is dying to learn. We’ve got you covered with these planter kits! Who doesn’t love easy gardening, especially during the winter. There are more kit varieties in store now!


Who said purses and wallets couldn’t be colorful with fun designs? With these sweet designs, you’re definitely bound to turn some heads! And when asked ‘Where did you get your purse/wallet’ don’t get to mention Little Man Handbags (the company who makes these sweet purses), they are local to the Massachusetts area! With so many different designs and sizes, we know you’ll find one that was made just for you.

Wind Chimes

Keep the sound of Spring and Summer going with our beautiful selection of wind chimes. Don’t like the look of ordinary wind chimes? Don’t worry, we have so many designs in store now, that you are bound to find one you love!


How could you go wrong with a book or a puzzle? Simple answer: You can’t! From cookbooks, to puzzles, and everything in between we know something will catch your eye! There is something for all ages.

Crystals & Accessories

You don’t have to be into crystals to see their beauty. Whether you, or the gifted, is into the energetic/healing properties of crystals or just would appreciate their beauty on their desk, these crystals are the ones to get. If there isn’t a crystal that speaks to you, don’t worry, we have crystal books, sage, palo santo sticks, and more!

Unique/Fun Planters

Who said you had to pot your plants in boring pots like terracotta (sorry terracotta, we love you, you just aren’t always the cutest). With our huge selection of unique and fun planters, you’ll upscale your indoor house plant collection to be the coolest on the block.

Tea/Coffee Mugs

Maybe who you’re shopping for doesn’t like plants, birds, books, etc., but they LOVE a good cup of Joe or tea. Well, we’ve got good news for you. We have Briggs mugs, simple mugs, and colorful bright mugs, all ready to be gifted to your coffee/tea lover.

Charcuterie/Platter Boards

Please tell us you’ve seen the incredible charcuterie boards and platters that have been being made as of late. If you haven’t we promise you they won’t disappoint. If you have, and want to try one out for yourself, or know someone who would love to, then we have the boards for you! Whether you are having a night in or hosting a holiday party, these boards and platters will do the job. Did we mention they are locally crafted?

We hope you enjoyed the Briggs Holiday Gift Guide! Please note that stock is limited and things are flying off the shelves quicker than ever. If you don’t see exactly what you were looking for from this guide when stopping in, you are bound to find something else that you love, so don’t worry too much. 

p.s Don’t forget that gift cards and plants are always a timeless gift that anyone would love! There really is something for everyone here.

Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to see you soon!