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Briggs’ Holiday Dishes

The holidays are upon us and we decided to ask our Briggs family if they had any unique, or special family traditions, for Thanksgiving/Holiday dishes. We call it Holiday Dishes – Briggs Style!



Dish #1. Ground Beef Stuffing – When we heard Teresa (our Office Manager) makes ground beef stuffing for the holidays, we knew we had to share it with you all! This dish is a MUST on our holiday menu this year.



Dish #2. Chocolate Bourbon Pie  – Once again, Teresa hit us with a MUST MAKE dish for this holiday season. Chocolate and bourbon? What a mixture.



Dish #3. Sweet Potato Marshmallow Pie – Honestly, this year Teresa is really holding the holiday meal trophy. Now, we understand that you may think, sweet potato? Marshmallow? Ehhhh. But just take our word, it’s divine.



Dish #4. Cubanelle Pepper stuffed with Italian Bread and Olives – This one, is just OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Step 1: Cut up and soak the Italian bread in red wine vinegar

Step 2: Once soaked, mix in the olives to the mixture

Step 3: Slice peppers and insert bread and olive mixture to the inside of the pepper

Step 4: In a medium frying pan, add oil over heat

Step 5: Once oil is warm, place peppers in frying pan. Turn peppers until golden brown on all side

Step 6: Enjoy!



Dish #5: Chicken  – We love this Thanksgiving twist. As good, and traditional, as Turkey is, we can’t help but love the idea of adding, or substituting, with a chicken dish.



Dish #6: Spanish Rice and Beans – Just make some. You won’t regret it.



Dish #7: Empanadas – If you’ve never had an empanada before, here is your holiday sign to make them!



Dish #8: Tourtière – Similarly to what we said for the empanada, if you’ve never had Tourtière before, here is your holiday sign to make it!



Dish #9: French Meat Dressing – Another wonderful addition to the holiday Turkey, or even a substitute!



Dish #10:  Portuguese Stuffing  – This is right up there with the ground beef stuffing, but with a Portuguese twist.



We hope you choose one of these amazing dishes for your Thanksgiving/Holiday spread this year! If you do, be sure to tag us in your photos on Instagram and/or Facebook! Also, be sure to share your unique and special family holiday dishes with us too!


Happy Holidays!