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Winter Care For Birdbaths, Fountains and Statues

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity adversely affect all cast stone. Concrete has an inherent tendency to expand and contract according to climate conditions. Cast stone products left exposed to icy conditions may shale or crack due to the mechanical force of water solidifying and expanding along the concrete surface. There are, however, safeguards which can protect your birdbath, fountain or statue from the elements.

  • Do not allow water to collect and freeze in fountain bowls, shells, bird baths or saucers.  Do not allow statues or pedestals to sit in a pool of ice.
  • Store statues and pumps inside during freezing time periods if possible.  Otherwise, remove all drain pipes, turn the bowl, shell or saucer upside down on the pedestal and cover it with a tarp or plastic.  If this is not possible, fill fountain bowls with an absorbent material (burlap, blankets, etc.) and protect with a fountain cover.
  • Fountain finials and other small components should be stored indoors.
  • All birdbath/fountain bases, bench legs and statuary should be raised up off the ground in winter so they do not freeze to the ground.
  • If you wish to keep water in your bird bath during the winter, you will need to use a bird bath heater. Many heaters have a built-in thermostat that comes on at 32 degrees and turns off when the temperature rises above freezing.