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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Perfectly Curated Gift For That Personal Touch

Are you still searching for the perfect gift for mom this year? No need to worry, let us help you! We have everything you need for every kind of mom. Whether she likes to be out in the garden or sipping a glass of Rosé on the patio. Simply read below and find your “Briggs Mom” and we’ll tell you everything she’ll love. And the best part is it’s one stop shopping at Briggs; find all of your fresh plants, garden tools, houseware and more inside our store!

The Rose Mom

A sophisticated socialite. This mom enjoys the aesthetics when it comes to gardening.  You’ll find her sporting her sunhat, sitting poolside with a glass of Rosé in hand chatting with the local moms. Her to-do list is always checked off without a hair out of place.

She’ll love our: “The Cocktail Garden” Book, Wide Brim Sun Hat, Peony Lined Notebook, “Cut Flower Garden” Puzzle, Faux Floral Wreath, and more!

The Lavender Mom

A self-care aficionado. If she’s not answering her texts it’s because she’s busy soaking in a bath bomb infused tub. Incense and candles are a dream to help this mom unwind. The calming sense and smell of lavender seems to simply emanate from her.

She’ll love our: Essential Oil Diffuser, Natural Body Soap, Shower Steamers, Incense, Self-Care Books, Body Lotion, and more!

The Fern Mom

A hiker extraordinaire. This mom isn’t afraid of the elements and most of her free time is spent camping in the woods. Her bucket list is full of National Parks to visit. She loves to get grounded and become one with nature.

She’ll love our: Crystals, Candles, Tarot, “Camp Cocktails” Book, Faux Fern Wreath, and more!

The Monstera Mom

A creature comforts connoisseur. Her house is brimming with house plants and the smell of her favorite candle burning. She knows how to make a space feel cozy. You’ll be welcomed in by a warm, freshly brewed cup of tea and offered a seat next to a pile of well-worn books.

She’ll love our: Ceramic Mugs, Canvas Tote Bags, Candles, Tea, Cookbooks, and more!

The Tomato Plant Mom

A garden enthusiast. Her yard and garden beds are always edged and fertilized. She knows when to plant and what to plant for her (and your) garden zone. Her meals are made exclusively of freshly grown vegetables, fruits and herbs.

She’ll love our: Garden tools, “Herbal Handbook” Book, Jellycat Stuffed Animals, our fresh herbs in the greenhouse, and more!

Which mom is your mom? Now it’s time to come in and shop! And if we haven’t quite pegged her then don’t worry… we have plenty of plants, gifts and goodies to make the perfectly curated Mother’s Day gift!