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DIY Dried Flower Wreath

As the blooming season comes to a close, we often think that’s it for the plants in our beautiful gardens, or is it?

Make your garden last a little while longer with our DIY Dried Flower Wreath! Hold onto the warmer months and blooms, and welcome the colder weather with this sweet DIY project anyone can do!

Materials you will need:

  • Pre-made twig/branch wreath
  • Grapevine or any vine that is pliable
  • Wire
  • Scissors or pruners
  • Flowers/Plants from your garden


Step 1: Choose a wreath that is best suited to you and the place you plan to hang the wreath! We have small, medium, large, and extra large sizes in store, but are very limited in stock!

If you are making your own wreath, here are the following instructions:

a. Get your vine. You will need grapevine or any other vine that is pliable

b. Form a circle with the vine. You may want to use wire to help form the foundation of the circle

c. Weave the vine in and out of itself, in one direction. This method will eventually make your wreath!


Step 2: Grab your scissors or pruners and head to the garden! Make sure you are properly cutting your flowers and plants in order to allow for further growth to happen next season!

For this project most any flowers/plants will work! However, creating a wreath that will last, you will need to be sure that the plants or flowers you choose to use are able to dry properly!

Below we have listed a few of our favorites from the garden that will work perfectly for this project!


Seed heads from Cone Flowers, Black-Eyed Susans, and Alliums

Gomphrena and Yarrow – Dry the flowers before you create the wreath. Tying the flowers together and hanging them upside down for a few days, to a week, will allow for them to dry

Hydrangeas – You can cut hydrangeas right from the bush and place immediately on the wreath. Hydrangeas will dry without the typical drying method described above for the Gomphrena and Yarrow

Most types of ornamental grasses

Remember there are so many other flowers, plants, and grasses you can use! These are just a few of our favorites and most common in the garden!


Step 3: Once you have your flowers and plants you wish to use, place them throughout the wreath as you please! This part is entirely up to your creativity! Happy crafting!


Be sure to check out our “How To” video on Instagram and Facebook to see what we created! Don’t forget to share and tag us in your creations as well!




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