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Christmas Trees


Make a fresh cut straight across the base of the tree. Cut off approximately one half inch before placing the tree in a stand.

Use a stand that will hold a gallon of water or more. Adding Prolong to the water will increase absorption, keeping the tree fresher for longer. Check the water often: a tree may take absorb a gallon of water in the first 24 hours and a quart per day after that.

Place the tree away from heat sources in your house: heating vents, fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators and sunny windows.



Select the planting site in advance. Dig the hole in unfrozen ground; a minimum of 12″ larger than the root ball on all sides. Backfill the hole with 2/3 soil and 1/3 compost/peat moss. Water thoroughly and add mulch on top.

Place the tree in a container in an unheated garage for at least one week before it’s brought into the house. The root ball should be moist but not soaking wet.

Keep the tree in your house for a maximum of one week, keeping the root ball moist and away from strong sources of heat. After Christmas, place the tree in an unheated garage again for at least one week.

Plant the tree with top of the root ball 2″ above ground using a planting mixture of 2/3 soil and 1/3 compost or peat moss. Water and mulch 3″ deep. Continue to water thoroughly.