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Attracting Birds to Your Garden

Attracting birds to your garden can be a rewarding endeavor. Food/water, birdhouses and natural shelter help birds flourish and allow you to have a close, intimate view of a wide variety of species. Food One central element in attracting birds is a food source. There are a variety of feeders and seeds available today which […]

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Attracting Hummingbirds

A hummingbird garden can be as simple as a flower box or several containers on a deck, or as elaborate as a large perennial border. The height of the plants chosen is important to vary the space around blooms, allowing the hummingbirds to hover. The goal is to have some flowers in bloom at all […]

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Bird Feeder Basics

Bird feeders can be categorized as platform/tray, hopper or suet. Most of these types are available as either hanging, window mount, wall/tree mount, pole mount or freestanding. FEEDER TYPES HOPPER FEEDERS Hopper feeders are one of the most popular choices among bird enthusiasts. These feeders are designed to hold a larger amount of food in […]

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