For fifty years, Briggs has been designing, installing and maintaining beautiful landscapes throughout
New England. We provide individuals with custom work that is cost-friendly and guaranteed to flourish.



If all you are looking for is a little information, inspiration and guidance this choice is for you. Chart down your basic site conditions (wet, dry, sunny, sloping, etc.), rough measurements of the area in mind, the look your trying to achieve, a few of your favorite plants and maybe gather a couple photos. Then stop by our garden center where our knowledgeable staff is always available to discuss your ideas. They will take the time to walk you around the grounds to show you the best options and provide helpful hints for installing and maintaining your plants. This service is free and available year round.


This design consultation is for the individual with a do-it-yourself attitude who feels more comfortable with an on site visit by one of our designers. Call to make an appointment with our landscape design department. A professional landscape designer will meet with you at your home to discuss your proposed project. The designer will take measurements and photographs of your property. Based on your budget and the details gathered during the consultation our designer will create a to-scale design plan including a plant and materials list customized to fit your taste, budget and site conditions. An additional meeting will take place at Briggs to review your plan and answer any questions you may have. Ideal for smaller projects with simple site conditions like pools, patios and foundations. The cost for this service starts at $250.00. Total amount spent on design, plants and materials can go towards our Briggs V.I.G. Rewards program.


This service is for the individual who would like to work with a professional landscape designer to create a personalized landscape that is tailored to your budget and ideas. Then have the Briggs  Landscape Department install the project from start to finish. We will work with you to bring sophisticated curb appeal that will compliment your home or business. Ideal for projects of any size and sites with unique conditions. Total amount spent on design, plants and materials can go towards our Briggs V.I.G. Rewards program.


• A consultation will be scheduled with a professional landscape designer who will meet with you, at your home or business, to talk through your vision and budget for the project.
• Depending on the project, the designer may make immediate suggestions on-site or develop a to scale design plan based on your budget and information gathered.
• After the initial consult a detailed estimate including a plant and material list will be created. A to scale design plan will also be created at this time if needed.
• An additional meeting will take place at Briggs to review your plan and make any desired changes.
• Once a final plan of action is agreed upon, your installation is scheduled and a deposit of 1/3 will be required.
• Subsequently all plans are the property of Briggs Nursery. If you feel a need for further review, the fee is $250. This fee will be deducted from your final cost once a non refundable 1/3 deposit is received and start date is determined.



Keep your planting beds looking tidy with this annual service which includes edging, pruning, fertilizing, raking & mulching. The cost for this service is based on a hourly rate and size of project. An average home cleanup can start at $500.00 per visit.


Please submit your contact information and questions below and a we will contact you within 2-3 business days.