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Winter Care For Birdbaths, Fountains and Statues

Rapid changes in temperature and humidity adversely affect all cast stone. Concrete has an inherent tendency to expand and contract according to climate conditions. Cast stone products left exposed to icy conditions may shale or crack due to the mechanical force of water solidifying and expanding along the concrete surface. There are, however, safeguards which […]

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Winter Moth Overview

The winter moth was introduced to North America from Europe and was first recorded in Nova Scotia in the early 1930s. It has since spread all over coastal areas in the western and eastern United States.   For many years in Massachusetts, defoliation on the south shore near Boston was attributed to cankerworms, a native […]

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Winterizing a Pond

Water gardens and ponds can be a great addition to your backyard environment and overall landscape design, but maintaining the vitality of your pond depends on a thorough yearly cleaning and winterization process at the end of each autumn season. Falling Leaves Falling leaves can present problems for a pond. If left alone, they will […]

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