Category: Water Gardening

    Feeding Fish

    In a large, well-established pool that is amply stocked with plants, there should be little need for supplementary fish feeding. In smaller pools, however, it is important to provide extra food. Skipping feeding for a day or two is alright with a small pool, but make arrangements for a friend or neighbor to do it […]

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    Fish Facts

    There are a variety of fish and other creatures that can add a whole new dimension to your water feature. While their beauty alone may be fascinating, they also play an integral role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Do I need a big pond to have fish? The size of a pond determines how many […]

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    White spot disease (Ick) is a protozoan parasite that affects freshwater fish. Most fish in the wild carry some parasites which have little effect on the hosts. In times of stress, however, resistance can be low, making them vulnerable to attacks. Symptoms The most common symptom is the appearance of white spots on the fins, […]

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    Winterizing a Pond

    Water gardens and ponds can be a great addition to your backyard environment and overall landscape design, but maintaining the vitality of your pond depends on a thorough yearly cleaning and winterization process at the end of each autumn season. Falling Leaves Falling leaves can present problems for a pond. If left alone, they will […]

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