Category: Annuals

    Impatiens Downy Mildew

    Last growing season, you may have experienced difficulties growing impatiens in your garden. You were certainly not alone.   After much speculation and a great deal of research, it was determined the cause was a fungal disease called Downy Mildew.The problem originated a few years ago in the southern region of the country and is […]

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    Attracting Hummingbirds

    A hummingbird garden can be as simple as a flower box or several containers on a deck, or as elaborate as a large perennial border. The height of the plants chosen is important to vary the space around blooms, allowing the hummingbirds to hover. The goal is to have some flowers in bloom at all […]

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    Beneficial Bugs

    There are many insects crawling around in our gardens which perform vital duties and help them grow.┬áThese naturally beneficial bugs perform valuable services such as pollination as well as pest control. Using these insects to control pests has been a common practice for many years now and is regularly implemented by many experienced gardeners. BENEFICIAL […]

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    Herb Gardening

    Since ancient times, herbs have played an important role in politics, romance, religion, health and superstition. They can be classified as annuals, perennials or biennials: ANNUAL HERBS: include anise, basil, chervil, coriander, dill and summer savoryPERENNIAL HERBS: include chives, fennel, lovage, marjoram, mint, tarragon, thyme and winter savoryBIENNIAL HERBS: include caraway and parsley Growing Herbs […]

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    How to Prepare a Flowerbed

    A properly prepared flowerbed is vital to a great garden. Well-prepared flowerbeds help with many aspects of a successful garden such as drainage, soil nutrients and discouraging pests and diseases. Steps Choose size and shape: Visualize what your flowerbed will look like. Consider the size and shape of the bed and what kind of garden […]

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